Agency Rating


Rating Agency Reports are credit reports issued on County Finances. Bosque County recently received a AA- rating from Standard and Poor's.

The rating agency considered several key areas in arriving at Bosque County's rating. In summary: A stable economy in Bosque County and very strong controls over budgeting, purchasing and accounting have created a sound financial environment for the county.

Just like when purchasing a car or a new home, your credit rating determines the interest cost for your loan. The difference in a AA rating versus an A rating on a $9.8 million dollar bond sale to finance the county jail, saved the county in excess of $760,000 and increases competition from bidders desiring to purchase the county's bonds. This increased competition is deemed to have saved the county another $1,200,000 in interest as well. It is very important for the county to have and maintain a good credit score.

The reports from Standard & Poor’s can be found here:



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